Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It has been almost seven months since C.C., the giant Pacific octopus who lives at the Vancouver Aquarium, mated and laid eggs. Earlier this week, close to 300 of her eggs hatched. The babies are only 5 millimetres in length.

C.C. was introduced to her male partner, Clove, last October in the Strait of Georgia display. Mating marks the beginning of the end for octopuses, and Clove died 67 days after mating. C.C. is expected to die naturally in the coming weeks now that egg incubation is completed.

The giant Pacific octopus typically lays around 70,000 eggs on average, of which only a few are expected to survive to adulthood in their natural habitat.

These little guys are so amazing, who knew that Cephalopods could be so endearing. And so wonderful that 300 of them hatched and survived.

Perhaps this will lead to some sort of knew cephalopod fascination on my part. Here are a few items that I have found.

Knitted guy by Megan Stitz

Clockwise from top left: Illustration fromGemini Studios, bowl from No Tengo Miedo, print from Mateo and Isabel, t-shirt from Non-Fiction.

Ring from Heron Adornment

oh, and this scientifically accurate little guy:

from The Dapper Toad

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