Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A few days ago a came across a photograph of these beautiful Painted Eucalyptus and now I will have to find a way to see one with my own eyes. Apparently they are cultivated around the world, but perhaps I wil have to go to New Guinea. I can go to Australia, avoid being bitten by something poisonous and then pop over and see some amazing trees.
The spectrum of colours is caused by the bark being shed at different times, and each section changing colour as it ages. While looking for post worthy photographs I also discovered this wonderful list of remarkable trees, all worthy of their own post. Each one is so varied from one another and so amazing. I was also pleased to see that the Bristlecone Pine is on the list. One of the oldest living organisms and a topic that i have been prattling about for ages.
Such wonderful colour combinations are so rarely seen, and yet they immediately made me think of Thief & Bandit. Amie combines colours and materials in beautiful and unexpected ways.

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